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Turning Point Revision

Welcome to Turning Point Revision

By simply researching our life management services, you are already a single step closer to a renewed sense of self and have put yourself on a path toward self-betterment and growth.

At Turning Point Revision, we are dedicated to providing insight-oriented individual and parenting management classes in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our goal is to help you uncover your true potential as a parent and human being and to lead a life that is satisfying and worth celebrating.

Our coaches employ evidenced-based self-betterment and parenting counseling methods to reveal enduring behavioral patterns that may be inhibiting you from living a more fulfilling life. Whether you have come upon harsh times in your life or struggle with anger issues, our services impart the skills you need to reflect on yourself and to make helpful choices.

Seeking out a life management course is always an individual choice. Our classes allow you to explore and solve persisting problems in your life. In other cases, we help you respond to unexpected changes in your life, such as divorce; changes in your work situation; or losing a close friend or loved one.

Insight is the key to self-betterment and allows you to utilize new ways of responding to some of life's toughest challenges. Our life management services encompass anger management, parenting, and life coaching. Other issues that are addressed extend to anxiety, depression, conflict, stress, and relationship issues.

Each class is unique and tailored to your needs. Allow us to help you with “Investing in yourself by establishing an unclouded game plan for life!”